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Molecular repository for chemical molecules in XML/CML

WWMM: The World Wide Molecular Matrix is a molecular repository and contains and manages chemical information and molecules entirely in XML and CML (chemical markup language) / CCML (computational chemical markup language)."

This is the academic and public home page of the World Wide Molecular Matrix (WWMM). Here at this entry point you can find information about the world wide molecular matrix, its architecture, technology, content and its collaborators. You can also obtain information on how to contribute to or publish into the matrix."


  1. turning the Web into a Chemical Knowledge Base
  2. getting robots to do routine tasks
  3. Chemical Markup Language (CML)
  4. Automating Computational Chemistry (CCML)
  5. Chemistry Software Toolkit Development & Research
  6. Chemical Databases (Design & Implementation)
  7. Peer-to-Peer (“Napster”) chemistry
  8. GRID and eScience Technologies (in Molecular Sciences)


  1. World Wide Molecular Matrix Project Description
  2. FAQ for WWMM - a global molecular repository
  3. FAQ for CCML - Computational Chemical Markup Language
  4. The Architecture of the WWMM
  5. The Specifications of the WWMM version V0.1

Internal Documentation (password protected areas)

  1. The World Wide Molecular Matrix (WWMM)
  2. Various Documentations (CVS, Bugzilla, Developmental Stuff...)


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